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Welfare Programs for Students

  • Medical examination and protective health care services.
  • Counseling services.
  • Periodic co-curricular training programs.
  • Maintenance of Health Record
  • SNA (Student Nurses Association) Activities.
  • College Union (Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur) Activities.
  • NSS (National Service Scheme) Activities.
  • PTA (Parent Teachers Association) Activities
  • Student support and guidance programme (SSGP)
  • Mess and Hostel Committees


Strict Anti-ragging measures are planned, and constant vigil on this matter is carried out.

Major Measures taken are:-

  • Anti-Ragging Committee.
  • Anti-Ragging Squad.
  • Regular Anti-Ragging seminars and meetings for the students and their parents are conducted.
  • Anti-Ragging monitoring cell.
  • Appointment of foster teachers.
  • Anti-Ragging mentoring cell.
  • Anti-Ragging online undertaking by all students at AMMENMOVEMENT.
  • CCTV Monitoring.


Management Representative- Dr. M. Jaipal Johnson, Chairman, Velankanni Matha Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Thellakom, Kottayam.
Managing Director- Mr. Sabu Sebastian, Velankanni Matha Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Thellakom.
Head Of The Institution- Prof.Ambili Jose, Principal.

Civil Representative- Municipal Counselor, Ettumanoor, Kottayam.
Police Administration Representative- Inspector of Police, Ettumanoor .
Local Media Representative- Mr. M.J Jose, Malayala Manorama , Ettumanoor News Bureau.


Faculty members
1. Mrs. Sini P Joseph, Vice Principal.
2. Dr. (Mr.) James Jacob, Asso.Professor
3. Mrs. Juby M. Mathew, Assistant Professor, Ist year co-ordinator
    Parent Representative(Senior) - Mrs. Deepa Dayal
    Senior Students

Ms. Dona Maria Shaiju, 4th year B Sc. Nursing

Ms. Aryalekshmi S, 3rd Year B.Sc. Nursing

Mr. Abhishek Manoj, 2nd Year B.Sc Nursing

Ms.Feba Anna Suresh, 2nd Year B.Sc. Nursing
Non Teaching Staff- Mrs. Reena Biju (Assistant Warden).

Contact Numbers:  8606375333, 8606375444,8606375888, 8606375999, 0481 2790030


1 Chairman - Dr. M Jaipal Johnson
2 Managing Director - Mr. Sabu Sebastian
3 Assistant Director -Mr. Prakash Thomas
4 Principal - Prof. Ambili Jose
5 Vice Principal - Mrs. Sini P. Joseph
6 Senior Faculty - Dr.(Mr.) James Jacob
7 Ist yr Class Co-Ordinator - Mrs. Juby M. Mathew
8 Deputy Warden - Mrs. Neethu Kuriakose
9 Assistant Warden -Mrs. Reena Biju


1. Prof. Ambili Jose - Principal
2. Mrs. Sini P. Joseph -Vice Principal
3. Mrs. Dhanyamol M.M- Asso. Professor
4. Mrs. Juby M. Mathew - Class Co-ordinator of 1st Year
5. Mrs. Shiny Mol V., - Senior clerk & P.A to Principal
6. Ms. Mathu C. Babu - Librarian
7. Ms. Neerhu Kuriakose-Deputy warden / teacher in charge of the hostel
8. Ms. Bineesha Babu -Deputy Warden / teacher in charge of the hostel

9. Mrs. Nycil Tharakan- Deputy Warden / teacher in charge of the hostel

10. Mrs. Joshmi P.J- Deputy Warden / teacher in charge of the hostel

11. Mrs. Celin Cherian- Asst. Warden - Hostel

12. Mrs. Reena Biju - Asst Warden - Hostel


• Faculty Meetings
• Journal Clubs, Seminars& Group Discussions
• Continuuing nursing education
• Facilitating faculty for attending workshops & conferences
• TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India) Activities